Heather Hoyle.

Heather Hoyle.
Musician, songwriter, band leader.

Events & gigs

Seychelles NYE

31st December 2013
Four Seasons Hotel, Petite Anse Bay

Jungle-themed craziness

DJ Minx and I will be unleashing the beast from within for a NYE to remember, partying on pristine white sand surrounded by rainforest. Someone's got to do it! I might go as a mermaid with my mono-fin and well-placed scallop shells...

Private party

7th September 2013
Somerset celebrations

Cider and sax in a beautiful setting

Off to the West country to perform with DJ Guy Preston

Disemboweled By Sharks

31 August 2013
Main stage at Brownstock Festival

Twisted pop fresh from South East London

The Fratellis picked us for this main stage slot in a competition the band didn't even realise it had been entered for. Great new music from this talented bunch.

Holders Festival

7th-11th March 2013

Performing with the Ronnie Scott's All Stars under the palmtrees

I'm still pinching myself. Joining James Pearson and the Ronnie Scott's band, I'll be road testing my new baby, a 1964 Selmer Mk VI tenor sax at this lovely arts festival on a paradise island in the sun.

Porsche Cayman launch

4th March 2013

Providing a sultry soundtrack for the latest Cayman unveiling

Sports cars, champagne and a bubbly soundscape to match

Icelandic bank reception

19th February 2013
Banqueting House

Warming the atmosphere for a decadent night

As a space, the undercroft at Banqueting House has one the best acoustics for solo sax I've ever had the privilege†to perform in. Bach cello suite, anyone?

Monaco Grand Prix

4th May 2012
South of France

Soaking up the sun and giving the petrol heads another radiant sunset session

Back by popular demand, I'll be playing for the Virgin Team on a shiny boat parked in one of the most expensive maritime pay+displays in the world.

Indian Wedding

February 2012
Surat, India

Elephant riding and Bollywood moves

Joined by DJ Minx for a spicy little adventure on the banks of the river Tapti for a lavish nuptial celebration.

Porsche 911 launch

December 2011
Porsche centres nationwide

Adding some sultry sax

while strolling between the sparkling Porsches. I love my campervan, but....

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix pre-race garden party

November 2011
Fairmont Hotel

Playing for Lewis Hamilton and the Exxon Mobil VIPs

The sax inspired Lewis to victory, of course.

Canon launch event

22nd November

Special effects makeup artist assistant (and sax)

Fun gig dressing up in crazy outfits and helping special effects makeup artists being a test shoot subjects for Canon's new video camera. The giant rabbit head was my fave.

Private party

28th April 2011
Abu Dhabi

Jamming on the beach

Surfing and playing in Biarritz

21st May 2011
Heading back to Basque country to perform at a stunning mountain villa

Great people, music, waves, a perfect combination.

I'm hoping for sunshine at the gig then low pressure to send me some lovely clean right-hand rollers....

Intelligent Life Magazine reception

21st February 2013
The Dorchester Ballroom

Cocktails and stargazing with Dr Marek Kukula, distant galaxies and quasar expert

A thoroughly mind blowing event. Dr Marek's presentation put everything in our universe in startling perspective. His enthusiasm and knowlege comes across in a beautifully unpretentious, gob-smackingly direct way. Our very own Public Astronomer, a scientific poet laureate of the skies.

Writing, recording and collaborations

Although live performance in my mainstay, I’ve had some varied commissions and interesting collaborations.


November'10: Album. Working with KosmetiQ on a brand new album featuring guest artists Shea Soul, Donovan Blackwood and Prodigal. Swinging electro-jazz with a twist of hip-hop.

February '09: Virgin Media. I wrote some original music and performed my fanfare with a foxy sax quartet at the live launch of Virgin Media in Covent Garden in the snow with Dita Von Teese and Sir Richard Branson arriving in a horse-drawn carriage. Somewhat surreal and exceedingly chilly.

October '08: The Secret Life of Airports. Wrote and recorded music for the BBC documentary 'The Secret life of Airports', (move over Brian Eno).

May '07: Universal - Brazil. Universal asked me to write three tracks for them, so I went to Brazil for a month to record in the jungle with my old buddy and musical magician Beberto, who had taught me 'The Girl From Ipanema' when I was ten.


Tony Kaye's new movie. Pulled out all the saxes to record with a jazz quartet for Cerebral productions madcap team on the score of Tony Kaye's new movie. My finest squealing, wailing, strangled chicken noises were required for a particularly violent rape scene. Thankfully the majority of the tracks needed a mellower, jazzy vibe.

Studio collaborations

  • Sweetie Irie
  • Damon Albarn
  • Neneh Cherry
  • Layo & Bushwaker
  • Les Voleurs, (moomusound.com)
  • Kosmetiq
  • Boarder Crossing

Me, me, me!

I started playing the tenor saxophone aged 10, putting my first band together when I was at school for a One World Action charity event with Neil Kinnock on percussion. This lead to my first professional break, a season at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (1998). Improvising and gallivanting around stage in neon corsets and lace for a ribald production of Middleton's 'A Mad World My Masters' whet my appetite. I was hooked on performing and headed to New York for some jazz explorations.

New York rocked.

I was accepted for the New School's jazz programme and got to play with Reggie Workman, John Coltrane's bassist. I met Wynton Marsalis and his Lincoln Center Jazz Band, played at the top of the World Trade Centre and accidentally sat in legendary tenor sax player James Moody's birthday cake.

Back in London...

I studied jazz at Trinity College of music (1999-2003), whilst playing a mash-up of other musical styles in London clubs. Everything from house, hip-hop, chill-out, latin, electro and break-beat in venues including Ministry of Sound, Ronnie Scotts' and the Jazz Cafe. During my performance degree I studied African music and put together a township and high life band, Momsen Mysurenko.

I performed at the Henley Music festival with the Trinity College Big Band, and returning in following years with my own girl jazz band, featuring Zoe Rahmen. At the Holders festival in Barbados I performed with opera sensation Gwyneth-Ann Jeffers, and got my first taste of tour bus life on the road with the Guillemots, playing festivals across the UK, Germany, Holland and Belgium. They kindly got me along to perform with them at the Mercury music awards. Fyfe Dangerfield is still the only person to have convinced me to pick up the clarinet, aka, death stick.

Racking up the air miles.

I've been lucky enough to play at parties and events for Virgin in Shanghai, Sydney and Brisbane. After which Richard Branson invited me to sing and play at his son Sam's 21st Birthday extravaganza where I serenaded Bob Geldof and Natalie Imbruglia dressed as Marilyn Monroe in eight-inch stilettos.

In New York I jammed with Roy Ayres and his band in a tiny Harlem pub with the most attentive audience ever. If we hadn't been playing so loud, you'd have heard a pin drop. I've performed at Cannes film festival parties with Norman Jay, at the Monaco Grand Prix on Armani's yatch and entertained VIPs at the UEFA cup final in Athens fronting original band the Index, a mixture of afro-beat and nu-jazz with funk and hip-hop grooves.

Other people I've played with include, Madness, Michael Franti, Jools Holland, Marcus Printup, the Ronnie Scott's All Stars, Bruce Forsyth, Lulu, Nigel Kennedy, The Drifters and Lou Reed. I've played support for Maceo Parker, Jarvis Cocker, The Feeling and Leona Lewis.

Unabashedly pushing on with the name dropping...

...I've performed at colourful assortment of parties for many poor ol' paparazzi-stalked celebs: David and Victoria Beckham, Al Pacino, Ralph Fiennes, Robbie Coltrane, Daniel Craig, Ian Hislop, Nicole Kidman, and that other hornblower Ioan Gruffudd. The future king of England bopped on the dance-floor with a pink feather bower to some funky riffs at a spectacular birthday party. But the best celeb combo, (a platonic bond I suspect), was Trinny and Slash at the Royal Academy of Art's new exhibition.

I've recently acquired a beautiful alto flute to record with Bushwacker, and have been layering up the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes for dub-step, one-girl horn sections for Les Voleurs.

Book me

If you're interested in booking me but would like to hear me play live first, get in touch and I'll put you on the guest list for one of my events. In the meantime it would be really helpful if you filled in a few details.

Booking form

Working regularly with an eclectic bunch including the Ronnie Scotts All Stars, Layo and Bushwacker and Norman Jay, I can round up top calibre musicians and DJs to create whatever sound and style you're after. Let me know what you need and I'll find you the people to make it happen.

Current projects

Nothing beats the buzz of performing to a happy, live audience, and variety keeps things fresh and fun. Here are some of the groups I’ve drawn together recently:

The Penuin Jazz Gentlemen

I'm organising a band of penguins to perform for a zanny event at the Natural History museum. Line up will be double bass, sax, guitar and haddock.

Kookie Kicks music video

Putting new acts together is so much fun! I've been writing for a 9 piece band with string section in my latest project, Kookie Kicks.




The Bumble Bees

With magical choreography by Adele Forbes, my new horn band, The Bumblebees, have been crating a buzz at Westfield, the Science Museum, and have just been invited to perform for the Lord Major of London!

In the Studio with KosmetiQ

Our electro-jazz album is taking shape. Guest rapper Prodigal is featured on our latest track, Jazamatastic. KosmetiQ's genius scratching has bounced into the mix with some old skool cuts that are just perfectly in the pocket.

Video mapping sound track

Kicking off 2012 with an exciting studio project, writing and arranging music for the spectacular launch of the new Clarion Hotel in Gothenberg. Combine massive scale video projections beamed directly onto the side of the building with KosmetiQ's trademark musical production wizardry and stand back for sonic and visual treat.

The Uk-Ukuladies

Brand new band project, gorgeous girls with siren voices strumming tiny instruments with big personalities. Hula skirts, orchid wreaths and cheeky smiles, now we just need that golden beach.

Book me

If you’re interested in booking me but would like to hear me play live first, get in touch and I'll put you on the guest list for one of my events...

Heather Hoyle. Musician, Songwriter, Band leader. Wheathill Music.

Corporate clients include...

Porsche, Bentley, Apple, De Veers, Boodles, Fortnum & Mason, Mercedes-Benz, Veuve Clicquot and Virgin.

Name dropping includes...

...and plenty more to come.

Upcoming gigs

31st December 2013

Jungle-themed craziness

7th September 2013

Cider and sax in a beautiful setting

More events & gigs...

About me

Music makes the world a better place. Making music makes me jollier than anything else. Except perhaps surfing, but it's harder to share a wave than a good tune. My favourite instrument is the tenor sax, but my menagerie has grown to include the soprano, alto and baritone sax, flute, alto flute, ukulele and guitar. Instruments are like paint pots and raw collage material. Musicians are the possessed, crazed-lunatic brushes, staple guns and pritt-stick.

More about me...

“Heather Hoyle reaches amazing heights as a sax player. When she swings it's a long way to the 'down' beat. Koolness.”

Nigel Kennedy

“She dazzles the audience every time. A fantastic performer, everyone deserves great sax.”

Sir Richard Branson

“You're just wonderful!”

Kim Cattrall

“Marvellous, marvellous playing.”

Bruce Forsyth